Paladin BUg o.O


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    Paladin BUg o.O

    Post  gotosleep on Sun Jul 19, 2009 2:04 pm

    That decis that the paladin this bug, if the paladin has 4 liabilities of shiek rate, does not have anything that to see the reflec arrow in this the reflec arrow serves in order that the archer pegen less, if the archer sticks for 0 and 1 it(he,she) is for the poasivos that it(he,she) has and the assets this one well that the archer pegen some hit for 0 and for 1, not there at all bugiado in the paladin, now that is the only one pj that kills to motto and because of it she says that this bugg is another thing, already turns(becomes) a shit the server if enpiesan to touching them pj`s the paladin it(he,she) does not have anything bugiado, to raise a servant l2 tendrias that to know something of lineage first:D affraid

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