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    about Hero !!!! Empty about Hero !!!!

    Post  TeenSexy on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:46 pm

    Im just offline for 5 days with my work, and i trust i can become hero. Lol. Idk why, i have more point, but..... why my friend (is: omg - Fortuneseeker) , he is a hero now?
    I know, because he is my friend. he have a little point, very very low than me. WHY? I dont wanna become Hero, i wanna 1 answer?
    Thats is bug or????????? plz tell me !!!
    And 1 other problem, how many GM in this server? when player need GM, nobody is online? This is nothing. But, when i saw other GM online, im so happy and i pm him, but...... he not answer me? WHY?
    (i'm sorry, my english is bad!!!)

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