Motto edit or friend GM`s ???


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    Motto edit or friend GM`s ???

    Post  gotosleep on Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:58 am

    Good, hello my post is for motto pj in game that on having opened the server, the first day and barias people of his(her,your) clan have the weapon + 16, can be a luck or not, but I already conosco to motto was playing a so called server l2Legend (I am promoting neither the server nor anything for the style) but motto in this server bugeeaba the sub class, neither go to desir as(like) because many(many people) were copied, but I that if already it(he,she) did it in a server can do it here, nor want to think that motto is a friend of the gm, because many(many people) daran counts immediately and they were leaving of the server... Clean and equal Game for all the players scratch

    That in you, if they want to do the servant a good servant that she(it) is pj normally as all the demas

    Good Bye Nice Pvp`s for ALL Very Happy

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